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Dieter's Day Clinics

Besides sailing the world-cup in Freestyle Dieter Van der Eyken is also very active in coaching young talented riders during his Next Generation Project clinics. Each year he also is an instructor at Knokke-Heist for a couple of days and wants to expanse this over multiple weekends on different locations in Belgium and mainly Netherlands.

Not a week long clinic this time only for the young sailors, but one everyone can join as long as you can plane in foot straps and harness, you are more than welcome to join during these weekends.

The concept is easy, instead of getting lessons a whole day you just get coaching 2 hours in de morning, after which you know exactly what you have to work on during the day and you can progress at your own speed. This also allows us to lower the costs and you don’t lose your whole day as well.

When: The lessons will take place from approx. 10.00 - 12.30, with 1 hour of theoretical lessons on the beach to learn the movement and where to pay attention. After this everyone get’s the time to get himself or herself ready to go on the water (approx. 30 min.). On the water the training continues for another hour with Dieter pointing out key-movements to work on during manoeuvres. After this hour everyone is free to go and practice all day long on what he has learned during the 2 hours in the morning, putting the theory in to practical skills and improve them all day long.

Where: exact spots are not determined yet, but they will take place mainly in the Netherlands and also maybe one in Belgium, proposals are always welcome! Clinic locations will be chosen depending on the wind strength and the direction. Zeeland and Central/North Netherlands are planned for this first edition.

Price: 30 euro’s with min. of 3 participants and max. of 8.

Level: As soon as you can plane in the harness and foot straps you are allowed to participate.

What to learn?: Pretty much anything you can think off (especially in Freestyle), we can work on the position on the board, foot-positioning, planning jibes, your first forward or the latest new freestyle move. It’s all within the possibilities so not a single reason not to join!

From of which wind will it happen? 15 - 45 knots, can happen also in less wind if the learning objective can also be trained in non - planning conditions (which is possible with a lot of moves), cancellation will be done by e-mail or phone.

Gear: The lessons don’t include windsurf equipment; bringing your own gear is a must unless there is cooperation with a local surf school, than you can rent gear from them of course.


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