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Programma NGP 2015;

Porto Pollo, Sardinia
13 - 17 April 2015

Regestration here!

Brouwersdam, The Netherlands



12/2 Regestration Sardinia

New Year, new start, same place, same rules. For the 3th year in a row we are happy to announce that the NGP clinics will start again in Porto Pollo at Sardinia in the middle of April. Follow 6 days of coaching with Dieter Van der Eyken and step to that next level. Only a maximum of 8 places so be fast and don’t hesitate to register now!

21/08 Dieter's Day Clinics

From now also weekend-day-clinics available by Dieter Van der Eyken. During the months September & October in Belgium & Netherlands. More info and regestration click here.

10/04 Regestrations Brouwersdam online!

After the great succes at Brouwersdam last year the Next Generation Project will return to the homespot of many top European riders and coach Dieter Van der Eyken from the 29th of June till the 4th of July for 6 days of coaching! Just like last year during the first clinic at Brouwersdam accommodation will be provided at the camp side of Port zeelande within walking distance of the spot.
Rental, storage, lessons and food will be provided at the surfcentrum of Brouwersdam just like both the clinics of last year.
Brouwersdam is perfect for practicing in strong winds as well as in light wind. Last year participants went on the water 5 out of 6 days and improved their skills a lot in both planning as non-planning conditions. So if you worry about the wind, don’t cause their will be windsurfed all week long!!
As for this clinic only coach Dieter will be teaching places are limited to a maximum of 8 so be fast and register now!

17/03 4 Weeks until Sardinia!

Just 4 more weeks till the first NGP clinic or the year at Porto Pollo! Is there a better place to start of the year than on Sardinia? Water is already 14°C now and temp. are between 15° and 20°C every day! We are looking forward to it - how about you? Still a few places left, so register now and join us at the first clinic of NGP 2014! Also, the registration forms for Brouwersdam are on-line now, be quick as places are limited here!

27/06 Movie from the Next Generation Project at Porto Pollo, Sardinia 2013

Next Generation Project at Porto Pollo, Sardinia 2013 from NGP-windsurfing on Vimeo.

08/05 Brouwersdam 30.06 - 05 July 2013

Registration forms Brouwersdam Clinic are online, register fast as places are limited!!

21/04 Final report Sardinia online.

Here is a little report from sardinia with some picture, check it out!

12/04 Intervieuw NGP on RIWmag

Nice intervieuw of the Next Generation Project on the italian site RIWmag. Check it out!

7/4 NGP Clinics have officially started

NGP clinics have officially started, stay up to date on our facebook-page and blog for daily news.

25/3 Corsica cancelled - Dates Brouwersdam 1

Corsica cancelled. Following step after Sardinia will be Brouwersdam for our second clinic of NGP from the 30th of june till the 5th of July. Still working on prices for the all inclusive possibility we will keep you update, so keep these dates free!! Still places for Sardinia if you want to join do it quick as it’s the last week of registration!! Aloha

02/03 Registration starts!

Hello Everybody, from now on you can start registering for the Clinics at Sardinia & Corsica. To guarantee participation place register before 31 of March. Forms received after this date will be dealt with depending on availability. The registration will be done on a first come, first served base. More information concerning the registration can be found on the registration form. See you at the Clinics!

24/02 Hello Everybody and welcome to the Next Generation Project website.

The idea of the project started at the end of 2012 after a deep observation of the windsurf-industry compared to other sports. It became very clear that in our sport, a good coaching program for the younger surfers was missing; there are some camps but far too less and with the wrong technique.
We want to offer you a new kind of coaching camps where we take care of everything excluding the way to get there. Like this, we want to make it easier for the parents to know what the costs will be and ensure the fact that everything is arranged. (and under control)

The coaching itself will be done by 2 coaches. We have Dieter Van der Eyken B35, competitior in the PWA Freestyle n°8 in 2012 and Alexis Duparc (Pro wind coaching) a windsurf instructor for already 20 years.
These 2 coaches together will cover all levels from those first planning jibes till the creaziest freestyle move you can imagine. The clinics will be 6 days full on, coaching from morning till evening, with video analysis and explanations of the moves, on and of the water!

Besides that it will be run on some of the best places in Europe.
In the first half of the year we will have Porto Pollo in Sardinia and Piantarella in the South of Corsica. In the summer we head down to Brouwersdam, breeding ground of the best European Freestylers !! There, we are planning clinics in the first week of July and the last week of Augusts. Brouwersdam will be hosting, this year for the first time ever, a PWA event for Freestyle and Slalom and with all their local top sailors it’s proven to be the “place to be” in Europe for Freestyle!

For more info check everything out on the website and contact us !


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